Public Transit Industries

Lengthened service life on moving joints and rod ends with the use of rod end seals and boots.

When it comes to reliable transportation, Seals-it is a leading supplier in custom-made designs for sealing solutions that lengthen service time and keep wear and tear at bay. The transportation industry plays a vital role in daily life. These vehicles must remain in good condition with the dependability that you can count on. Our designs endure long component life while decreasing vibrations, making a more comfortable ride.

We create products that meet the elements’ challenges and find new ways to develop sealing applications that will preserve your equipment. Our innovative technologies allow us to design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in one place, producing the products you need all in one sitting. Using Seals-it high-performance seals and grommets, you will have protection against extreme conditions, including chemical change, heat, moisture, vibration, or a combination of all factors.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sealing solutions industry, we offer custom designs that can extend equipment life, safeguard against extreme conditions, and preserve product quality. We specialize in designing seals, rod end seals, and boots that can withstand harsh environments. Rod end seals and boots play an important factor in maintaining machinery equipment. We create designs that ensure dirt and contaminants remain outside, while lubrication stays in, extending your product’s life. Our ability to create custom designs guarantees you are provided with the parts you need. Contact us today to discuss a custom project.

Pictured above: Rod end boots.