Racing and automotive equipment

Ducts are placed in the side windows, pulling air from the outside to cool mechanical components such as the brakes and the driver.

Seals-it has the innovative experience and professional expertise to provide the high-quality products needed for your motorsports and automotive industry’s custom needs. With all production components done in-house in one location, Seals-it can design, create, manufacture, and test all products to ensure complete quality assurance of all automotive products.

With over 30 years in the sealing business, we design and manufacture products for NASCAR, motorsports, and 4X4 off-road vehicles, developing custom designs created to resist environmental factors including heat, chemicals, moisture, and vibrations. We offer custom solutions to individual needs, paying close attention to design details and ensuring that every product can resist environmental disturbances. With our innovative tools to assess sealing solutions, we can create the product you need for any sealing application.

All of our seals are rigorously tested to ensure all safety regulations and sealing protocols are met.

Pictured above: NASCAR mandated NACA ducts.