Who We Are

Our story starts in 1944 when Stan Matczak Sr. purchased a pair of lathes and approached Pratt & Whitney about working with his new parts machining company, Allyn Tool. Leaving his meeting feeling dejected, Stan was asked by a very tall man in the parking lot for a ride to the airport. During the ride over, Stan told his passenger about his new company and the difficulties he was having finding work. That tall man turned out to be Colonel Charles A. Lindberg, and he was happy to help his new friend obtain work with Pratt & Whitney. In 1970, Stan (Skip) Matczak, Jr. took over day-to-day operations of Allyn Tool from his father. In 1993 Skip was approached by an aerospace customer looking for a custom solution to bond rubber to metal to make an airtight, dirt proof seal on an airplane. Skip quickly realized the enormous benefits of this technology for industries like auto racing and aerospace that require high performance parts and decided to open Seals-it as a complement to Allyn Tools. Utilizing their unique combination of skills, CAD/CAM engineering capabilities, CNC equipment, in-house bonding, molding and fabrication technologies, Seals-it produces custom engineered, quality machined components for customers in small and large quantities. Customers benefit, in both turn-around times and cost, from the efficiencies gained by all the work being completed in this single highly skilled facility.

We’ve been sealing the deal for over 25 years with designed and manufactured seals and other products for NASCAR, motor sports, 4×4 off road vehicles, industrial, medical, agricultural, aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, mining and more. We excel in developing custom rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded seals that require environmental resistance to heat, chemicals, moisture, and vibration. Offering a standardized product line primarily used in performance racing and 4×4 off road vehicles, we found purpose in adding the same attention to custom solutions that those industries serve

We Do It Best


Designed and rigorously tested.


Molded to spec. From ideation to production.


Industry standard seals that outperform expectations.


The answer to building and rebuilding your sports car.

Custom and Reverse Engineered Parts

Rubber to steel, aluminum, carbon fiber…

You name it, we can stick it.