Medical Equipment

Rod End Seals & Boots – Custom built to medical equipment specifications

When creating products for the medical industry, it is crucial to produce dependable, high-quality, and long-lasting items for each specific project. This is a high-sensitive field where expertise in sealing solutions is a top priority for medical distributors. Having specialized knowledge in innovative sealing applications, we create seals that can be trusted to shield against external irritants in different medical technologies and equipment.

Seals-it is proud to create precise, reliable products that can withstand pharmaceutical irritants and chemical contacts. We customize products that can achieve strict seals and protect against foreign materials, providing medical equipment protection from various irritants. When it comes to customization, Seals-it can process the entire project, from design to creation to testing and manufacturing; we’re able to complete the whole process in-house in one location, to develop the product you need.

With over 30 years experience in the sealing solutions industry, we offer custom designs that can extend equipment life, safeguard against extreme conditions, and preserve product quality. We specialize in designing seals, rod end seals, and boots that can withstand harsh environments. Rod end seals and boots play an important factor in maintaining machinery equipment. We create designs that ensure dirt and contaminants remain outside, while lubrication stays in, extending your product’s life. Our ability to create custom designs guarantees you are provided with the parts you need. Contact us today to discuss a custom project.

Pictured above: NASCAR mandated NACA ducts.