Robotic Industries

Vibration damping rod end interior mounts of the robotic equipment.
evelopment partnership with Boston Dynamics. 

Seals-it is a provider of sealing solutions for the robotics industry, designing and creating sealing products that are resourceful and dependable. The robotics field has many various technologies that rely on reliable, long-lasting equipment to perform with high efficiency. With the repeated movements of robotic capabilities, these technologies must be made with parts that can be trusted to withstand high performance stresses for long durations.

We are proud to offer streamlined sealing solutions engineered to be long-lasting and withstand the durability affiliated with robotic technologies. We use informative thought when producing these sealing solutions and focus on creating materials that are precise and that configure to custom properties

Pictured above: These rod ends are used to dampen vibrations caused by robotics and can prolong life in critical components. These have been used as bushings to mount computer controls in large moving robots.