Custom Trunnion Bushings, Rod End and Shaft Seals

Protection against harmful chemicals entering bearings and moving components in industrial applications. Variety of rubbers are used chemical-resistance according to harsh environmental factors. Decade strong supplier of custom trunnion bushings for mining equipment.

From cement, dust, and heat to soft, moist, and cold environments, don’t sweat it. Seals-it offers the products you need for your machines to get the tough jobs done, no matter the conditions. We manufacture products for machinery in the industrial, agriculture, and mining industries and know the importance of considering all possible conditions your machinery must endure. You need products that will keep your vehicles going, with long-lasting expectancies, to stay on top of job deadlines.

Seals-it recognizes the variables associated with extreme environments and considers the external conditions that can inhibit a machine’s ability to perform adequately. Debris like dirt, dust, grime, moisture, oil, and grease can negatively affect your machinery. We specialize in creating products that combat these irritants so that your machinery is protected and kept safe from those external factors.

With over 30 years’ experience in the sealing solutions industry, we offer custom designs that can extend equipment life, safeguard against extreme conditions, and preserve product quality. We specialize in designing seals, rod end seals, and boots that can withstand harsh environments. Rod end seals and boots play an important factor in maintaining machinery equipment. We create designs that ensure dirt and contaminants remain outside, while lubrication stays in, extending your product’s life. Our ability to create custom designs guarantees you are provided with the parts you need. Contact us today to discuss a custom project.

Pictured above: NASCAR mandated NACA ducts.