Bushings and Shaft Seals: 

High performance rod end boots and seals for increased lifespan of suspension components.

Ever-changing environments and harsh conditions surround construction equipment and vehicles at a variety of different work sites. From cold temperatures to rain-soaked muddy areas, you need construction equipment to manage stressful workloads, continue for long hours, and complete hard jobs. Seals-it offers dependable products that can handle the pressure associated with construction machinery and vehicles.

We engineer products that can withstand high pressures, varying temperatures, and are long-lasting. When you need reliable seals, investing in our professionally constructed seals is the way to go for durability and flexibility so that your machinery can continue working at a high level of performance with little maintenance. We consider all possible environmental variables, including extreme temperatures, moisture, grease, and other outside debris, and create seals to withstand these elements.

The products we manufacture will extend your machinery’s service life. Our grommet seals can be used to seal the cabs of your construction machinery, keeping lines and wires in good condition by decreasing chafing. Or use our rod end seals and boots in hard-to-reach areas to improve service intervals, saving you time.

We also create and manufacture Trunnion Bushings for the coal and concrete industry. Used in crushers, these products can be made to spec, or contact us today for a list of sizes currently in stock.

Pictured above: Trunnion Bushing