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Economy Axle Seal


You will have peace of mind when using Seals-it high quality economy axle seals. Use these seals to eliminate differential oil leaks. These seals are high quality products that will help improve your cars performance, while also being budget friendly. Try them out today for better racing experience on the track tomorrow! Features: Material:​ Fit:​ …

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Split Grommet Seal (2 Piece)


Split Grommet Seals are used to protect the driver’s area from flame or heat by ensuring that all holes where wires and hoses pass through, are neatly secured and sealed into your firewall. The split grommet seal is the perfect choice if you are looking to seal up work around existed wires and lines. This …

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Air box/ Injector Seal


Air box injector seals are important to reduce the amount of dirt and debris from entering the air box area. This seal was designed using a pliable rubber, which helps them fit in a variety of places and material including tube diameter and aluminum base. Features: Material:​ ​Rubber and Aluminum Fit: ​Air box injector seal …

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Sealflex Rod End


Looking to quiet the noise around you, while increasing your cars ability to move with more flexibility? Then you need to invest in Seals-it seal flex elastomeric rod ends that allow you to move more freely without any suspension connection issues. These rod ends are created with unique details that allow for less vibrations due …

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Rod End Seal


Rod end seals are great for helping to keep dust and dirt out, increasing the life expectancy of your rods and preventing them from deteriorating from extreme environments. Don’t let the effects of continual exposure to dust be the reason your rods wear out, use the rod end seal to protect your rods, keeping them …

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Fuel Pump Seal


Seals-it offers high quality fuel pump seals to ensure that your vehicle is safe from an overheated fuel pump. This seal acts as a shield, deflecting hot oil from wreaking havoc on your fuel pump. Features: Material:​ ​Rubber Fit: ​Check specifications Sold:​ ​Individually Set​: Ford Windsor Fuel Pump kit, Chevy Fuel Pump Kit (Carter & …

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Carburetor Dirt Plug Seal


Don’t let debris or dirt fall into your carburetor, protect it by using the carburetor dirt dish seal to ensure that nothing enters the carburetor during mechanical work. With its easy installation, all you have to do is thread it onto the rod, right on top of the air cleaner with the wing nut. Let …

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Dashboard Gauge Grommet Seal


Use Seals-it dashboard gauge grommet to completely enhance your gauge reading experience. No need to let track conditions or suspension settings become a negative factor for your gauges, rely on Seals-it dashboard gauge grommet to help decrease vibration and extend your gauge life. By using the gauge grommet, your gauges will be surrounded by a …

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