Replacement Seal for Axle/Tube Seals


Part # AS1000NP
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 AS 4 picReplacement axle seal insert for Seals-it AS and TT series axle and tube seals.

In stock

Axle and tube seals work to keep fluids in, while keeping dust, dirt and grime out. If you are experiencing a fluid leak or need to replace an axle or tube seal due to continual wear and tear, purchasing replacement seal will ensure that your vehicle is protected from leaks and ensures that all other fluids stay intact inside the axle seals. Use Seals-it axle or tube replacement seal, to effectively replace your worn-out seals with reliable seals you can count on.


Material:​ ​Rubber
Fit: ​Axle seal replacement seal
Sold:​ ​Individually

Weight 0.005 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 in

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