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Since the beginning, Seals-it has been the leader in providing NASCAR teams with a superior product that could stand up to the punishment of a race car. We nowoff road page image1 offer that same technology to the Jeep and off road market.

Our Seals-it Off Road Division offers products that will stand up to the mud, dirt and punishment that comes with this type of vehicle. Our products will keep the contaminants out while at the same time helping to protect your chassis and drive-line.

Our seals fit 32, 38 and 40 spline axles along with rear steering. Good for Jeeps, Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Dodge, Rock Crawlers and Mud Bog vehicles.

If you have any technical questions regarding one of our products, please contact the Tech Center via email at: [email protected] or see our Contact Page.

Jeep/4×4 Axle Sealoff-road-jeep-image

Do you have a Jeep or off road vehicle with a Dana 30, 44 or 60 axle? Then we have the Axle Seals for your needs! The Axle Seal by Seals-it pictured below will keep the grease in but the dirt and grime out. This seal mounts inside the axle housing tube at end. Applications: Fits Jeep: 1997 to present TJ, XJ, ZJ with model 30 front axles. Fits Dana 44 on Rubicon including front. Will work on older YJ/XJ if using the one piece pass axle conversion but not with OEM two piece axle shafts.

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