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Seals-it has been the producer of specialty sealing products for over 25 years. Our roots go back even longer with our sister company, Allyn Tool Company, which was founded in 1944. Seals-it manufactures seals and other products for many industries including NASCAR, motor sports, 4 x 4 off road vehicles, industrial, medical, agricultural, aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, mining and more.

With a background in manufacturing and a zest for problem solving, development of unique solutions for sealing devices was an easy transition.

While initially focusing on circle track racing, our patented products have enjoyed not only success on the NASCAR circuit, but also found wide acceptance in such diverse industries as off-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, aircraft ground support, and robotics.

The common denominator in all of these applications is the need to solve problems. We work with our customers from concept to execution, utilizing our in-house design resources as well as in-house tooling capabilities to deliver USA made quality components.

Our company can mold and bond rubber to steel and aluminum, and along with our CNC equipment and CAD/CAM capabilities we can design, build and manufacture parts to meet your needs.

If other device manufacturers have let you down, maybe it’s time to get a Seals-it product.

You can purchase our products by using our online store, Seals-it Shopping Cart, or by contacting any of our distributors listed below.

Feel free to look around our website and if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

We are proud of the fact that everything we make is done at our Ellington, CT location!