Dashboard Gauge Grommet Seal-2 5/8″-Part#DB260275

Dashboard Gauge Grommet Seal-2 5/8″-Part#DB260275


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Don't let the track conditions or suspension settings be a factor in reading your gauges.DB260275web
This gauge grommet will dampen vibration and increase gauge life.
Gauge grommets are functional and will enhance dashboard appearance.
Your gauges will ride on a cushion of rubber, rather than being "hard" fastened.
Note: Hole size must be "B" dimension plus/minus 1/32. (see chart)dashboard-gauge-grommet-drawing
Installation tip: Cutting the proper size hole and inserting the grommet in the hole will be very straightforward. Placing the gauge in the grommet might prove to be more of a challenge because of the tight tolerance fit, the gauge may "bind" when you attempt to push it into the grommet. We have found that lubrication the rubber with liquid window cleaner does the trick. Dipping a finger in the liquid and rubbing it on the opening of the grommet will get the job done.
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 6 x 1 in


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