Grommet seals have many applications. In race cars they serve to keep unwanted smoke and fumes from entering the driver's area while protecting lines from chafing and abrading on rough surfaces. In hot rods and custom car applications, they provide the perfect "finishing touch" to all through panel installations. Wiring, fuel and oil lines, air and liquid hoses, and all other lines that make up your rod or custom, can make an otherwise detailed installation look unfinished. Seals-It grommet seals add the well-organized, professional appearance you want throughout your vehicle.

Grommet seals also have many other applications including: marine, commercial equipment, motor homes, etc.

Note "blank"-no hole seals:
We recommend the use of a "cookie cutter" type of punch along with a block of wood or similiar base to lay the seal on. These can be of your own making, or purchased. The use of scissors, power drills, etc, are not recommended as they can produce poor results or damage your seal.

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